Dr. med. Wolfgang Klemann | Private medical care
Dr. med. Jan-Olaf Reinhardt | Private medical care
Dr. med. Julia C. Reinhardt

Leopoldstraße 17
75172 Pforzheim

Telefon: +49-7231 - 31 31 59
Fax: +49-7231 - 10 61 61


We offer the following services:

  • Clarification of tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease and co-infections)
  • Abklärung of thyroid disease: clinical, laboratory examination and by ultrasound (sonography), where appropriate, referral to supplementary Scintigramm
  • DMP - Coronary heart disease (CHD)
  • DMP - Diabetics - Management - Program
  • Hore - vascular screening (check up)
  • Iattenuation: Review of the vaccination passport with planning and implementation of necessary vaccinations
  • Krebsvorsorge for men
  • Labor: blood daily from 7:30 clock without an appointment possible
  • Ruhe and stress - ECG
  • Ultraschall the abdominal organs

Private patient

  • EDVANCED laboratory: for example, advanced cancer screening by tumor markers determination: including CEA - Test (carcino embryonic antigen) for detection of tumors of the stomach - intestine - tract.
  • Homocystein determination to clarify the cardiovascular risk.
  • M2 - PK (colorectal cancer screening from a stool sample). The tumor metabolism important key enzyme pyruvate kinase M2 is intended for, the accuracy in the detection of a gastrointestinal tumor is 85%.
  • Reisemedizinische advice.
  • V-CS test: "grayscale differentiation test (Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test) for the assessment of the presence of neurotoxins in the diagnosis of Lyme disease
  • Farbdoppler echocardiography


The so-called individual health services, short "IGeL" comprise a broad spectrum of investigations, which are included in the statutory health insurance scope, but certainly represent useful additions.